10-point Checklist for YPO Forum or Roundtable Success

Do you want to ensure the success of your YPO Forum or Roundtable? Here is a 10-point checklist to give you an idea of the overall health of your group. The Ertrachter Group has experience helping Forum groups get and stay healthy, as well as leading others through challenging times.

1. Confidentiality is a Top Priority

Each member of the Forum must agree and commit to the highest level of confidentiality.

What happens in your Forum stays in your Forum including any sharing of information with a spouse or significant other.

2. You Have Frequent, Ongoing Relationship Building

At the foundation of trust is the ongoing, intentional approach to building relationships with each other. This is not something you achieve and then move on to something else.

3. Members have Shared Beliefs (Values)

Your deep-seated beliefs are visible in your behaviors or norms. There are some shared values that will be important among group members like the belief that ongoing learning and growing helps you be successful.

4. Members Come Prepared

Members must come prepared to each meeting. You commit to doing any reflection or actions between meetings.

5. Members are Committed

Members agree that they will put the time and energy required to be a productive member of the team without exception.

6. Members are Accountable to Each Other

Group members hold each other accountable to what they have committed to do.

7. Members Support, They Don’t Solve Other Members’ Problems

Practice the discipline of helping people go through a process of solving their own problems versus solving the problem for them.

8. Your Forum Group is Always Evolving

The Forum should continue to change with the needs of the members.

9. You Know Where to Get Help to Get Unstuck

It is very natural for a group to get into a rut. If you stay there too long, get outside, unbiased expertise.

10. You Acknowledge the Physical Environment is Important

Be sure to pick a location for your meetings that is conducive to confidentiality, relationship building, and low to no distractions.

Just like any experience in life, you’ll get out of your YPO Forum what you put into it. If you would like assistance surveying your Forum members on this checklist or coming up with an action plan to incorporate some (or all) of these success factors, call The Ertrachter Group. We are experienced and ready to help you make sure you follow these ten best practices in your Forum group.