Jana Ertrachter is a highly rated YPO Certified Forum Facilitator. She is energetic, engaging, and easy to work with. She brings decades of experience, along with proven tools and strategic approach to maximize ROI for every YPOer. To make your YPO meeting experience the best it can be, we’ll work together to develop a custom agenda, as well as pre- and post-processes specific to your needs.

We are located in North Florida, making travel convenient to the entire Southeast, and we’re willing to travel to accommodate your needs. We also host virtual meetings.


Forum Fundamentals

Joining an existing forum or launching a new one? Ertrachter Group can provide the pre-requisite Forum Training to help you succeed from the start. This Forum Training kicks off your Forum with a great foundation to learn and grow. (1 day)


Moderator Training

A key element of an effective YPO Forum is a great moderator. Ertrachter Group can help teach the skills to effectively run a Forum meeting, as well as providing tools to deal with difficult issues, situations, and members. We can help you get up to speed quickly and make the most of your Forum moderator experience.

Moderator Training from Ertrachter Group empowers this critical role through communications, planning and organizational tools that will help your Forum grow in good times and overcome the occasional challenges.


Mini & Chapter

When Ertrachter Group facilitates your Forum’s annual retreat, your members will re-connect, re-commit and emerge stronger than ever. You’ll benefit from a wealth of personal and professional experience, applied strategically to your YPO Forum. If you would like a refresher midway through the year, we can also facilitate a Mini-Retreat. A Chapter Retreat engages other Forum groups for networking and added value.

Amelia WyantYPO Philadelphia Forum

My YPO Forum brought in Jana to facilitate a group meeting. There was an instant connection with Jana-from my very first conversation with her, she immediately understood what we needed. When she met with our group, there was an instant connection and she created such an open, warm environment that everyone walked away saying: wow, that was really a very highly productive day and very worthwhile.

Jana was skillful in assessing our group from the outset and quickly dialed in on everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Her style worked well to make it inclusive and keep everyone moving forward in a productive way. She was able to keep things moving; we didn’t get bogged down on one topic. She seemed to know the exact questions to ask to help us move forward.

She’s very positive, intuitive and professional-someone you have an immediate connection with and can trust; this can be hard to find. I felt like we were her top priority, She was very thoughtful in her approach and did her pre-work. From the beginning until the moment she left, she was focused on us.

She really listened to what we needed and delivered a process tailored to our needs. It wasn’t like she had an agenda or schedule that she was going to push on us. She led us in a fluid day, which didn’t have a cookie cutter approach. She let us guide and she moved with us. She adapted and was flexible to what we ended up wanting out of the day.

Jana is skillful in sorting through conflicting, sometimes vague ideas. She was able to get us through sticky issues that could’ve blocked the progress of our group.

Until you’ve seen a really skilled facilitator, you can be quick to disregard the need for one. We would not have gotten to where we did without her. Everyone was impressed and felt like we came together much closer. Our group still reflects on our meeting as very positive and a turning point.

Jim EvangerYPO Jacksonville Forum

I give Jana my highest recommendation based on a number of encounters over the past years where I have seen her in action.

Jana helped our YPO Forum group by facilitating very useful discussions that helped us explore individual opportunities for self-improvement. She also gave us tools that enabled the group to carry on similar sessions in the future independently.

Having worked with the Ertrachter Group on more than one occasion, I can say that Jana is always prepared and is an expert on facilitating both individual and group discovery of important topics.

Jana takes time to understand the challenge or opportunity that I/we are facing, and is skillful at drilling into the heart of the issue to elicit the individual or group feedback that leads to discovery.

I have worked with Jana in nonprofit, organizational, and small group settings, and she always helps me/the group end up in a better place than we started because of her skills drawing out the key opportunities and leading the team to develop action plans that work.

I first witnessed Jana’s ability when I participated on a strategic planning committee of 15 people at my church.  Jana was selected as the group’s facilitator among many outside resources, and remained the leader of the group for approximately 9 months as we tackled many difficult challenges regarding our future.  Jana kept us on task and the end result was well received by the entire congregation.

Later, Jana was invited to my YPO Forum to facilitate some important exercises around the topic of fear for us. This involved pre-planning, pre-interviews, and exercise development. In the end, our time together was extremely beneficial to the entire Forum. In fact, my Forum has paid at least three other Certified Facilitators in the past – and Jana was every bit as good as they were in retrospect.

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